Welcome to the Sunset Bridge Club

  • We are located at 855 Brotherhood Way in San Francisco
  • The sanctioning body for this bridge club is the  ACBL 
  • We are part of ACBL UNIT 506

  • We have IN PERSON games on Wednesday and Friday at noon
  • See GAMES page for detailed schedule
  • Need a Partner?  Contact Tom Stillman <[email protected]>

CLUB MEMBER CONTACT LIST: If you would like to be included in a club member list, please send your contact information to Tom Stillman:    <[email protected]>.   If you are interested in being contacted when we need someone to fill in at the last minute, please indicate that as well.


Cameron Cotton purchased the Jackson Bridge Studio in 1988, creating what is now called the Sunset Bridge Club. The club has resided at the Masonic Lodge since 1994. Thomas Stillman took over as Owner and Director November 2017.